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Justin [10 Nov 2004|01:14am]


Add me please :)

P.S. This LJ will now become officially dead.
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Tommi, [16 Oct 2004|09:42pm]
well people i made a journal :D


tis swish simple now if though but if i am ever bored again i shall fix it and make it pretty but i have added a few people anyone else that i missed then tell me and i shall add u
until then have fun :D
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Justin [15 Oct 2004|01:27pm]
I have been looking through my chat logs of the past couple of years...it's amazing what sort of stuff you stumble upon...I think that might be a task for after the HSC :)


Extract from Session: 23 April 2003 - Tom & I

[19:42:25] Kitkat boy: and i dont think you going to like me any more
[19:42:39] Kitkat boy: :(
[19:42:56] justiN (W) ..: :o
[19:43:01] justiN (W) ..: why not !?
[19:43:13] Kitkat boy: cause i had sex with this chick the other
[19:43:27] justiN (W) ..: :o
[19:43:45] justiN (W) ..: see what happens when you have sex with
[19:43:48] justiN (W) ..: they make you sick
[19:43:49] Kitkat boy: it was mainly for cover though
[19:44:02] justiN (W) ..: mainly? i dont like that word :@
[19:44:21] Kitkat boy: well i wanted to see what it was like
[19:44:23] Kitkat boy: and it wasnt that good
[19:44:32] Kitkat boy: wasnt that good at all but still
[19:44:45] Kitkat boy: i kept trying to sleep but she kpt pushing for
[19:44:59] Kitkat boy: i wanted to be with my mates the whole night
but they kept pushing me with her
[19:45:02] Kitkat boy: it was so shit
[19:46:49] Kitkat boy: but so
[19:46:55] Kitkat boy: what else you been doing
[19:48:15] justiN (W) ..: hmm
[19:48:26] justiN (W) ..: *pokes tom*
[19:48:29] justiN (W) ..: silly tom
[19:48:39] Kitkat boy: i know :(
[19:48:43] justiN (W) ..: but why would i not like you because of
[19:48:56] justiN (W) ..: im very clingy you cant get rid of me that
[19:49:04] Kitkat boy: jake was a bit upset because of it
[19:49:08] Kitkat boy: but glen had a go at him for it
[19:49:17] Kitkat boy: thats a good thing :P


Session Start: 20 April 2003 - Matt Mison & I

[21:56:36] JC: david and i got back togetha!!
[21:58:05] justiN (W): cool
[21:58:08] justiN (W): (Y)(Y)
[21:58:15] justiN (W): did u see him today??
[21:58:19] justiN (W): whyd you get bak togetha?
[21:58:32] JC: cuz he didn't want me to be with anyone else
[22:01:17] justiN (W): oh...ok :P
[22:01:26] justiN (W): well im away from the keyboard atm chat later
[22:03:12] JC: aw ok bye!


Session Start: 21 April 2003 - Matt Mison & I

[22:19:52] justiN (W) ..: heya
[22:19:58] JC: Hey :)
[22:19:59] justiN (W) ..: how are you :)
[22:20:32] justiN (W) ..: hows david :)
[22:21:18] JC: argh dont ask
[22:21:25] JC: ignoring me and treating me like shit again

The end.
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Justin [12 Oct 2004|01:10pm]



Oh, and does everyone like my new icon? I do.
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Tommi, [12 Oct 2004|01:56am]
ok who knows a guy called brandon and told him where i work and gave him my number?
but really who was it just tell me???
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Tommi, [11 Oct 2004|01:31am]
today i have decided to quit drinking yet again any bets on that its gonna be two months this time :P
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Jusitn [07 Oct 2004|11:01pm]
I'm so superficial sometimes...
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Justin [28 Sep 2004|12:57pm]
New MSN email:

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Justin [26 Sep 2004|11:27pm]
(This post is more for my own purposes, although some of my rant may be of interest to probably only my closest friends...)

Well after many weeks of deliberation I have decided on my course preferences for university. I am standing strong on my personal dislike of Sydney and will endeavour to commute as long as I can instead of reside in such a filth hole. However; the university is pretty, is in the top 20% for research grants (as is Newcastle) and will have a wide enough student demographic to allow even me to find friends. It will make my travelling costs even more exorbitant, although still living at home will reduce my overall thirst for money. True, it will make scholarships that much more, even almost impossible to attain (in contrast to Newcastle) and also be further from Chris, but some sacrifices need to be made I suppose. After all, it is only 3-4 years. My uncle has offered me his apartment in Kings Cross as a place to crash if lectures are early or nights run late which is helpful, isn't he a darl. Well, here they are (followed by the UAI to gain entry in 2004):
University of Sydney
1 Bachelor of Medical Science (First year entry) 94.45
2 Bachelor of Science (Molecular Biology and Genetics) 94.90
3 Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) 87.50
4 Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science 89.40
5 Bachelor of Science 85.00
Newcastle University (Callaghan Campus)
6 Bachelor of Biomedical Science 91.80
7 Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) 83.95
8 Bachelor of Science 73.65

The projected UAI for 2005 entry based on the previous increases per annum is 95.80 for my first preference. I am confident in that regard *crosses fingers*
Why is it all so hard! Death.

Moving on...
Now that school is over I have much more time on my hands, maybe I should make a to-do list.

1) Clean room & order summaries
2) Complete summaries
3) Finish yearbook
i Find T-Z profiles
ii Put in ode to school
iii Change & finish alien page
iv Attempt to save in PDF
v Put in the year 6 quotes page and pictures throughout book
4) Apply for scholarships
5) Get a tan :)

Oh and somewhere in there, see Chris, see friends, go to gym, work, deal with filial issues, stay sane.
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Justin [24 Sep 2004|03:57pm]
The different pictures for justin, justin grant and justine grant were quite reflective of the vast distinction between each of these names...
justin: the mac thingy - which I take to relate to my iPod
justin grant: a woman wearing a clingy top exposing her large breasts
justine: a drunk cat with a smoke in it's mouth

Which Random Image are you?
Favorite Color
You are:
This quiz by Reaper - Taken 199685 Times.
Get Free Daily Horoscopes from Kwiz.Biz

That is all :)
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Justin [15 Sep 2004|07:50pm]
Hey All,

This is really directed towards people from school. This is a section for the yearbook which I need a lot of help with. The idea is if aliens landed in the classroom what would the teacher say? Some have been done already...

If I have missed any current year 12 teachers or others let me know. They have to be sorted into year 12 teachers and non-year 12 teachers...so help with that would be great too.

Thanks!! Here it is below:


If Aliens Landed In The Room…

Ms Davis—Would tell them that they don’t fit into her marking scheme
Ms McCoy—Would tell them about her swimming pool
Mr Elliot—Would give them fashion advice
Mr Griffiths—Would make them the focus of a bizarre maths game
Mr O’Shea—Would give them a Merit saying “Lovely Legs” crossing out Legs and writing Logs
Mr Wilcock—Would tell them to go back to their peaceful place. Then hassle Macca for being incompetent.
Mr Callaghan—Would give them a vacant stare and then say "get back to work please Joeseph"
Ms Stevens—Would death stare them for disturbing her classroom. Then referral them out of the Extension English course.
Mrs Webster—Would speak to them fluently in their home language
Mr Smith—Would tell them they are nothing compared to aliens back when he was a boy and then hit Eric over the head with an English text.
Miss Zimmehl—Would ask them where their manners were and tell them to re-enter her classroom
Mrs Ferguson—Would ask Zigis where he got his aliens from
Ms Cummings—Would imitate their accent
Mr Hastings—Would tell Sol off for causing a disturbance
Ms McGrath—Would ask them what they want, then tell them she is very busy with other things at the moment!
Ms Lindsay—Would do one of two things. If they are junior aliens - DETENTION. If they are senior aliens, tell them about her recent pub crawl.
Mrs. Heinritch-would of course, not teach them anything, give them extbooks and sheets and tell them to teach themselves English.
Mr Wharton-Would be encouraging the aliens to answer his questions in their language, then writing the new and sigh-inducing words on the board. Then hopefully, in turn, expand his already massive Shakepearean-sized vocabulary (Shakepeare knew just under 30,000 words...)
Mr Drummond-Would ask the aliens why they left him stranded so long
Mr Gribbely-Would do very little. Possibly sway in his chair and ask them to make a bong for their end of year project.
Mrs Johnston-Would say "Oh, it's lucky for you, because today I brought in some dam water"
Mr Thorp— Would ask if their current behaviour and attitude was really apropriate
Mr Campbell-Would wobble at them, no doubt sweating and forehead furrowing would be involved.
Mr Elwood—Would get distracted, talk about what he saw on catalyst last week about other Aliens, then end up talking about how they make glass
Ms Horner-Would leave the room under the pretense of going to the photocopying room.
Mr Williams-Would make sure they knew the school policies of mobile phones at school.
Mr Maguire-Would tell them about wild parties at Avoca, then leave them with a substitute to get hair plugs.
Mrs Johnson-Would be very interested in studying and understanding this new culture and would cut down a rainforest to give them all the notes they could ever need to learn about "Earth culture".
Mr Wiffen-Would insult their intelligence and superiority by telling them that no being on their planet could ever be greater than Jim Coroneous.
Ms Terry-Would inquire as to whether they had used the great pyramids of Egypt as a mapping system to navigate their ships safely to Earth.
Mr Hopkins-Would warn them of the danger of travelling around in their spacecrafts with 2L bottles of Coca-Cola lying around. Sudden braking could cause the bottles to knock their gigantic alien heads right off.
Mr Berzins-Would see the presence of these new beings as an opportunity to repeat his 'grapefruit' joke.
Ms Vieuseeax-Would answer any questions they had evasively (possibly wrong) with a sigh and a smile.
Mr Beeby-Would drink straight vodka with them at snow camp...
Ms Huey-Would yell at them for making rude noises on the keyboard sampler
Mr McFaddyn-Would attempt to employ them in the nearest McDonalds.
Mrs Freeman-Would be annoyed because they were making fun of her husband.
Mr Attwood-Would tell them about his wife
Mrs Fagan-Would flash them her boobs until they paid attention to carbon chemistry.
Ms Cannon-Would encourage them to start their own ethnic minority in the group & paint a murial.
Ms Caddy-Would make them funky arty clothes
Mrs Donoghue-Would do their art assignment for them, due to their lack of artistic talent.
Mr Harivel-Would tell them to think about their position on the court before hitting the ball over the net.
Mrs Partridge-
Mr Lloyd-
Mrs Thorp-
Mr Broadbent
Mrs Worthing-
Mrs Robinson-Would tell them to tuck their shirts in
Dr Butler-
Ms Renee-

Ex-Teachers / Non-Senior Teachers

Mr. Fisher-Would stun them with his shifting inconspicuously (when writing on the whiteboard) from left to right and back again via funky penguin feet shuffling
Mr Rankin—Would eat them
Ms Allen—Would ask them if they have cats on their planet
Mrs Rigby—Would show them Peter Lee’s legs
Mr Prael—Would dismantle their spaceship in the name of the environment
Mrs Payne—Would have out sheets on the negative stereotyping of aliens in the media
Mr Stark-Would rethink about what he is smoking in his pipe. Then advise them to wear a waistcoat
Mr Willis—Would start a debate with them over the meaning of the word "conservative" and try to tell them that everyone is "conservative" these days, when really he doesn't even know the meaning of the word.
Mr Hogan—Would mark them down for an unconvincing portrayal of alien beings
Mr Davidson—Would entertain them with his barbershop quartet singing talent, instead of teaching them science. Or convince them to join a barbershop quartet.
Mr Fraser-Would scare them back to their own planet, by walking out in nothing but a white bath towel at Peer Support Camp.
Evil Cleaner-Would steal their spaceship and put it in the skip
Mr Sewel-Would make a rather sarcastic joke that you aren't sure if you can laugh at. Then curse incompetant teachers who couldn't deal with small problems and laugh at what the students had done to them.
Mr Bryant-
Ms McLean-
Mr Jackson-
Mr Fowler-
Ms Pashley
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Justin [22 Aug 2004|09:18pm]
"_hotornot is another rating community, in addition to all of those that already occupy livejournal.com. This community, though, will not put up with elitist attitudes. You are either accepted or rejected, and either way, you get a stamp!" - _hotornot

That is a direct quote. Is anyone else confused by the contradictions in that statement? :)
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Tommi, [20 Aug 2004|06:40pm]
my family is from the fires of hell...........
isnt it just lovely
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Justin [11 Aug 2004|06:55pm]
"Liking the spice girls doesnt make me gay!" - Chris
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Justin [09 Aug 2004|10:17pm]
This one is to guys:

When you ejaculate (by yourself);

Is it into a tissue or onto yourself or elsewhere?

Is that question too sleazy? I dont think so...just comment anonymously. Think of it as...statistics.
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Justin [02 Aug 2004|11:18pm]
And remember...

Say it with penisCollapse )
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Tommi, [01 Aug 2004|06:42pm]
well the last few days have been good
firstly i had a awesome old lady that gave me candy she was sooooooooo cool.
and today i won 40 bucks on the lotto it was my second ticket eva :D and mum got me a $4 scratchy and i won a free one which i am yet to get
but thats about it for me
byes Tommi,
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Tommi, [30 Jul 2004|07:31pm]
today i got broad band its awesome :)
and i just downloaded avrils new cd its even better I LOOOOOOOVEEEEEEEEEE IT.
thats about it.
have fun all
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Justin [28 Jul 2004|12:11am]
Chris is 20!!!!!!!!!! Yay. He is old :D

The End.
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Tommi, [26 Jul 2004|10:02pm]
i HATE australian idol and everyone that has come out of it.
but i love the new song from killing heidi.
and i am getting my sister pepper spray. shall be fun on a stick..
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